The insta booth

Our marquee letters are retro but our photo booth is decades ahead! Our photo booth looks and operates like one should in the 21st century. We designed and hand built only one of these so it's truly one-of-a-kind. Its an "Open Air" design with no enclosure so there is no limit to the amount of people in one shot but specially designed lighting still ensures well exposed photos. Our booth uses high end photography equipment for a perfect high quality photo every time. Our photo booth can be connected to the internet anywhere and also broadcast an open wifi network for guests to use for social media and hashtag printing. Your event did not happen if its not on Facebook right? 

More about hashtag printing here.



Modern but retro

Something new, modern and unique but with retro styling. Our booth resembles an instant printing polaroid camera at 10x the size. It naturally attracts attention.

Hash tag printing

Never miss a moment at your event! Our photo booth scans Instagram for photos with your unique #tag and prints them! everyone's cellphone is a lens to our photo booth! Its like a photo booth in everyone's pocket!

High quality prints

Dye sub printer for the best quality prints that are instantly dry, waterproof and will last over 100 years. Print layouts are customizable and custom art work can be added. Prints are unlimited ensuring endless fun.